Jesus is more powerful than witchcraft

This gospel campaign took place on the small island of Rusinga in Kenya. It is located in Lake Victoria and is strongly influenced by occultism and witchcraft.

Many people come to the island to receive health, power, or healing from the witch doc­tors; but they have to pay a high price for the deceptive gift: many become demon pos­sessed and dependent on the voodoo cult. Because of the difficult situation, the pastors in the area were very discouraged and many left the island. For this reason, it was important to not only preach about Jesus in Rusinga but also to encourage pastors to persevere.

We led a five day long campaign in the evening with a Pastors and Leadership Conference in the morning. Attendees of the conference received biblical teaching and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Parallel to the conference, evan­gelization was taking place on the streets, in the hospital, and in markets. Many people re­ceived salvation and healing.

In the hospital, my wife and I had the privilege of praying for a man with Tuberculosis. He was so weak, he could barely speak. After the prayer, he began to speak! He later wrote us to let us know that his pain had disappeared. This was a great witness to his relatives, who had been visiting him in the hospital at the time of the prayer.

About 1500 people came together every evening to hear the Gospel. It was preached with pow­er and Jesus saved and healed many people. We saw how the lame walked, the deaf heard, and the blind saw. Jesus is still the same as He was 2000 years ago. A 94 year-old former sol­dier came with chest pain and a cane to the cam­paign. After receiving Jesus, he could once again freely move his legs. He left the campaign ground that night without his cane!

During the prayer for healing, six people ex­pressed several demons by kicking and scream­ing. In one woman, the demon declared that “be­fore I leave her, I will kill her”. All of the possessed people that manifested demons were freed after intensive prayer by the grace of God and then witnessed to the crowds of their newfound free­dom. One young woman had received a bracelet from a witch doctor. The demon left her as soon as she removed the bracelet. A fire was lighted on campaign ground and many burned their witch­craft objects, just as the crowds had done in the times of the Apostle Paul in the book of Acts. This island, which had been strongly oppressed through the voodoo cult, now experienced that Jesus is stronger than any kind of witchcraft.

A total of 2,731 people met the decision to spend the rest of their life with Jesus.

The campaign in Kenya cost almost €7000. May­be Jesus is moving your heart and you would like to invest in something that lasts forever. If this is the case, I would encourage you to support our work financially. This enables us to continue winning souls for Christ. This work is only possi­ble when Christians stand together and take to heart the words that Jesus spoke: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature”.