The Gospel for the poorest

The Gospel for the poorest

In South Asia many areas are still completely unreached with the Good News.

We were in a state, infamously known as the “Cemetery of Missionar­ies”; many missionaries had paid with their lives without ever having seen the fruit of their labor. It is the poorest and the least devel­oped state in that country. A couple of days before the start of our journey, a pastor was mur­dered in a town located just 8 km away from our residence. These circumstances did not prevent us from spreading the Gospel.

We held evangelistic meetings in several plac­es. One of the towns was known for prostitu­tion. Parents offered to sell their own young children. The whole town lived off of the trade of women and children. During the first eve­ning of the meeting, the crowd was difficult to control because they were so uncivilized. Due to much prayer, the crowd was noticeably calmer on the second evening. I preached about Jesus and the adulterous woman. God touched the listeners, especially the women, and many ac­cepted Him as their Savior. We had the great privilege of seeing how God healed the deaf ear of an unbelieving bus driver right in front of our eyes. The driver’s only intention had been to transport the visitors to the meeting, but he came back a healed person.

In another town, almost 70% of the inhabitants were illiterate. They lived in complete poverty. This town was known for eating rats. We had the opportunity to visit their homes and saw how the small creatures ran around freely in their hous­es. Here too, we experienced the power of God changing lives after hearing His Word.

We were able to visit several social projects such as orphanages and schools to testify of Jesus. Most of the children had mothers in prostitution.

Over 12,000 people attended the last session. About 7,000 people sat inside the conference hall and the rest of them watched the service projected on a screen that had been set up out­side of the hall. Here too, Jesus worked pow­erfully and many were saved and were healed. One older woman, almost completely blind, was healed after prayer. Her husband, a Hin­du saint, came to the stage and testified of her healing. Isn’t Jesus wonderful?

Your prayer and your financial support make it possible to work in God’s harvest field. We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to serve Him together with you, to spread the Good News to all the corners of the world.

To God alone be all the glory!